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Tony has taken his passion for endurance sports, and more importantly, the inspiration he sees endurance sports gives people to build a successful coaching practice based on a coaching philosophy of inspiring athletes to succeed, accomplishing their personal, fitness, health & racing goals and to achieve their full fitness potential through endurance sports.

Whether it’s going after your first race, or striving for that top step of the podium, there’s no feeling out there like crossing the finish line of an endurance race.  The raw emotion of finishing an endurance challenge and all the work that has gone into that moment.

That’s what Endorphin Hub is all about.  Helping you succeed and bringing together people from all aspects of live, towards the common goal of achieving their goals.

We Thrive On YOUR Success and Inspiration

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With a variety of coaching options, 10 years of coaching and 20 years of training experience, let us help you accomplish your goals.



The more we know how you are doing, the better we can help you.

Unlimited Emails

Many coaches limit communication.  We offer unlimited email communication so we can help you better.


We are passionate about watching you succeed

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Options are useless without a clear understanding of what they do. We are here to sort thru the training & fully support you.


We use the latest in training technology.

Training Tools

Trainingpeaks allows for an online schedule, analysis and mobile app for your convenience.

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Meet Your New Best Friends, Our Coaches

Tony Zamora
Tony ZamoraFounder & CEO
Founder and Chief Endurance Officer of Endorphin Hub, LLC.
Triathlete, mountain biker and trail runner for 20 years, Tony has turned to coaching athletes since 2007.
USA Triathlon Level 2 Certified Coach
Training Peaks Certified Coach
Functional Movement Screening Certified
CPR and AED certified

Early Stages

I got hooked on triathlons and cycling at a young age when I was a sophomore in High School.  It was an incredible feeling to compete, proving to myself that the only one stopping me was myself and anything was possible.

Pushing through the pain of a workout, climbing the highest hills around me and continuously challenging myself to get on the podium and ultimately the top step of the races I participated in just kept fueling the fire.

Coaching Start

At the age of 22, after being separated from the Navy for severe back pain which was preventing me from any sort of exercise, & several doctors telling me I could never run or bike again, I found the value & importance of coaching.

I found a knowledgeable and respectable endurance coach, who inspired me to become a coach and who still mentors me to this day, and returned to training & racing despite what doctors had told me.  I coached as TZcoaching between 2007 and 2016 and founded Endorphin Hub LLC in November, 2016.

We’ve Helped Athletes Across The World

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